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We’d like to hear from professionals like you, who

Language Service Warkworth makes use of an ever-expanding network of language professionals
- so if you can teach a language, we’d like to hear from you!

Currently in demand: Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese

How does it work?

We are all professionals who are passionate about our profession of translation and/or teaching, yet we are independent traders. At Language Service Warkworth we don’t offer job opportunities but we can help you getting started for yourself.

This circle of tutors, translators and linguistic professionals are offering their services in the Rodney area and beyond. We support each other by sharing our experiences and referring to each other as a reliable service provider, and join forces on the promotion and marketing of that service.

The idea is to attract more clients and reach more people in our markets through the advantages of combined marketing.


Join us

If you are already offering your teaching services independently, you can join us for just a small yearly fee.

The key to join is:

and perhaps most importantly:

Contact us for more info:

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