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English is a universal language... why bother learning others?

People are usually very pleasantly surprised when you try to communicate in their language and do not 'automatically' expect them to speak English too. So even though English is a universal language, it reflects upon you in a positive way if you DO speak and understand a different language be it for business or in your social life

By learning another language, you show that you have a genuine interest in getting to know the other person and understand their culture.

Breaking down barriers - Holidays or studies overseas become much more enjoyable if you are able to communicate with the people who live there. Ice will be broken with only a few words in the foreign language and you will find that social contacts are so much easier to make. Knowing the language also provides the key to understanding the nuances of a different culture.

Opening up your world - Knowledge of the correct form and ways of communication can greatly enlarge your chances of sealing the deal for your business. Communicating directly in the language of your counterpart gives you a point of difference over your competitors and your effort will be appreciated.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to become more confident in your language skills we can offer a language course to suit.

At the moment we offer:

All classes are taught by experienced tutors who are either native speakers or qualified translator/interpreters of the language they teach. Other languages will be added in due course. To check whether we have the language of your choice available, contact us directly or visit our website regularly.

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