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French Classes

Do you also think that French is such a beautiful, melodious language and you would love to learn it?

Or maybe you want to brush up your school French of years ago and finally dare to plan that trip to France!

Be brave and learn the language that represents everything romantic!

The language classes come in different levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced). Levels are determined based on the experience of the learner. If you are unsure whether you should join a beginner’s or more advanced class, please contact us to perform an assessment. It is possible to swap to a different level after the first week (providing that other courses run).

Full language course:

These fun, full-language classes contain the whole package of spoken and written language skills. They will cover various topics as shopping, family life, health, travel, formal situations, culture, and lots more.

The course is well structured with plenty of exercises and explanations. The material is clear and understandable, and there are plenty occasions for interaction and asking questions.

Group class numbers are limited to ensure quality and make sure that everyone gets sufficient attention. The classes run for 6 weeks (2hours/week) in a friendly and relaxed environment. Fee $165 pp.*

Conversation classes:

Every week during a 6-week term, there is the option of 1 hour Conversation Classes French. They run in the mornings from either 10 to 11 am, or from 11 am to noon, in the afternoons from 2 to 3pm or from 3 to 4pm, or evenings from 7 to 8pm. Check the schedule below for this term's conversation class options. Levels are determined based on the experience of the learner.

Classes are fun and social but also very practical and aimed to have you gain more confidence in your language skills. Maximum number per class is 6. Cost only $16 pp*/per week; 6-week fee to be paid in full before class starts.

*minimum number: 4 pers.

Private classes:

If you are on ‘a mission’ (like preparing for a holiday or revision to match a group class later) you can opt for private tutoring. The programme for private classes is tailored to meet your personal requirements. Details upon request.

You can start private classes whenever you like (providing tutor is available) and take as long as you need. Minimum number of lessons is 5.

In-company language training:

Learning a different language can be made part of an education programme to employees (as fringe benefits) to encourage further learning and enlarge employment opportunities within the company. Classes can be held after hours at the premises.

International students/Student exchange preparation programme:

Are you going to be part of a student exchange programme and would like to be prepared, albeit only for the first basic steps?

We can offer a preparation programme for students going abroad, containing language classes and cultural introduction for the country of your choice.

On the other hand, if you are an international student in New Zealand and want to keep working on your curriculum from school, we can arrange for you one-on-one tutoring using your own material, so you won’t fall behind!

Please contact us for details or more information about our French courses.

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